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Lisa A. DeNiro - Principle

Lisa A. DeNiro is a marketing expert with a progressive career spanning more than two decades, and broad-ranging experience in strategic marketing planning and implementation. She has developed and directed marketing efforts for international companies targeted to business and consumer audiences. Her diverse expertise includes advertising and promotions, marketing communications, special events management, public relations, trade show coordination, account management, executive presentations, channel management, web development, market research and direct mail.  She has coordinated trade show exhibits for international events at venues such as the Jacob Javits Center, Sands Expo Center, Los Angeles Convention Center and the Washington DC Convention Center, to name a few. She has lead branding strategies for new business units, strategized and implemented advertising, public relations and promotional campaigns, created countless sales and communications materials, organized meetings and special events for up to 300 attendees and has developed several companies’ corporate web presences.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising/Public Relations from Texas Christian University and an MBA in marketing from the University of Texas. Her work history includes positions in marketing communications agencies and corporate marketing positions.

A Southern girl at heart, Lisa currently lives in Ohio with her husband and two sons, where she effectively balances client projects, "soccer-mom" duties and volunteer work.

At DeNiro Marketing Group, we tailor a marketing and/or business development plan for your specific business, your products, and the goals that you wish to meet. Unlike other firms, we don't just develop some advertising and marketing ideas, charge you for them and then send you on your way - we closely monitor the marketing efforts put in place and adjust them for maximum results, all the while keeping an eye on your competition. Not only do we specialize in marketing, but, as entrepreneurs ourselves, we have extensive experience with business development and distribution, and know that all the elements need to work together seamlessly to make your business a success.

Many "marketing" firms are nothing more than graphic arts houses who specialize in logo design, website design and social media, and that have no real experience in your industry, or business in general. Marketing and business development are much more than Facebook likes and fancy graphics. Although they are one component of a marketing plan, they alone will not grow your company when the whole world -- and your competitors -- are available to your customers at the touch of a button.  Many of the principles in these types of firms have never set up distribution for a product, developed a product, created a successful marketing plan, written a business plan, had an impact on sales, or worked for a major corporation at the management or executive level. At DeNiro Marketing Group, our principles have worked for global corporations at the management and executive levels with a track record of stellar sales, so when we take on a marketing project or set out to develop business for your company, we are looking to dovetail it with your company's strategic plan.  If you don't have a strategic plan, we will help you with that as well.

Trying to sell a product with no marketing plan, advertising plan, and/or business plan is like trying to take a car that has no wheels on a road trip. We specialize in a fusion of marketing, business development, product development and sales management. 

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Vincent L. DeNiro - Principle

With a nine-page resume, Vincent DeNiro has more than 30 years of experience in the firearm and defense industries at the management and executive levels, having worked with some of the largest companies, including Beretta USA, where he worked in marketing, advertising, business development and product development/management.  While at Beretta, he set industry records in international handgun sales, leading Beretta USA to the number-two position. His specialties include: business development & partnerships, marketing, branding, advertising development & copy writing, import/export/manufacturing regulations, product development, product management, point-of-sale promotions, military & police sales, public relations, commercial sales, and distribution. He has hundreds of personal contacts nationally and internationally, was a deputy sheriff, and is a real “gun guy,” having owned hundreds of firearms over the years - his bio presentation can be seen here. Mr. DeNiro also has an extensive background in nutritional supplements, real estate, fitness equipment, security, and communication electronics, and enjoys marketing work in those areas as well.


In addition to our full-time staff, we work with a team of professionals that are among the best in their respective fields.

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Our network of associates includes carefully selected individuals with the experience and expertise to get your job done right.