Fancy Graphics & Social Media "Likes" Are Not a Marketing Plan...

Strategy.      Execution.     Results.

"You can't expect a marketing firm to create messages that will compel customers to buy your product when they've never felt that compulsion themselves.  Firearms are an emotional purchase, unlike buying a box of cereal. It takes someone with passion for the product to make that connection."

- Vincent L. DeNiro

Neither is waiting for the next gun-ban scare to drive your sales. Many outdoor "marketing" agencies are no more than firearms enthusiasts who are graphic designers, web masters, and/or social media promoters and who have no real experience and/or success in the firearms industry in regard to sales, business development, product development, branding and true marketing. Many are not firearms experts either. While they may be able to produce a nice graphic logo and website, this is just a small portion of what it takes to make your products sell and make your company successfully. Also,

be aware that technical/spec sheets, posters, brochures, and magazine articles ARE NOT advertising, even if they are sized to run as such. Advertising is the art of compelling someone to purchase your product, not just look at it. A graphic artist with no background in advertising may make an "ad" for you that looks good and is suitable for framing, but most of the time, it will not compel the viewer to buy your product. Take a look at Vincent DeNiro's background and you will see why DMG is head and shoulders above the companies that put up a fancy website but have no real industry experience or and measurable successful results. We also have extensive experience in the defense industry with government sales, so if your product has a government application, we can help you through this very complicated sales segment so you don't waste time and money.

You are a great innovator with years of experience as a machinist and engineer, but face it, what you lack is extensive experience selling and marketing firearms and related accessories on a grand scale in your industry. You also do not have experience in or time to perform market analysis, strategic planning, advertising development, or branding.  What you have is a good handle on how to "tweet" and your teenage son is a wonder at PhotoShop. Unfortunately, your social media skills and cool graphics will not be enough in a very competitive market place. Since you don't have the budget for marketing employees, DeNiro Marketing Group can be your marketing and business development division for a fraction of the hassle and costs of full-time employees. 

We have real experience not only with marketing and advertising, but with business development, high-volume sales, product management, product development, PR, strategic planning and more. Call us today, we would be happy to hear about your products and goals. Remember, we are real firearms and defense-industry people!

Attention Small Companies: You handle the engineering and manufacturing; leave the marketing to us