Product placements gain you exposure and legitimacy.

Interesting, educational and compelling ads get read, and motivate readers to purchase your products over the competition's.

Deniro marketing group can be the marketing arm for smaller companies, or assist the marketing departments of larger ones. 

Strategy.      Execution.     Results.

A comprehensive branding strategy presents a cohesive image to your audience.

Contests and promotions generate excitement.


- Development of Business Plans
- Development of Marketing Plans
- Promotions
- Project Management
- Brand Development
- Copywriting
- Advertising Campaign Concept

- Media Planning & Purchasing
- Brochure Development
- Special Events Planning & Management

- Trade Show Coordination
- Comprehensive Public Relations

- Product Demonstrations
- Ad Design & Production
- Sales Incentive Programs
- Press Release Writing
- Media Production

- Executive Presentations
- Meetings Management

- Creation of Sales Presentation Materials

- Web Site Development

- Social Media Management

- Sales Representation

- Production of Magazines, Magalogs and

  Special-Interest Publications

Magazines, Magalogs, Special-Interest Publications with distribution, and magazine-like brochures effectively showcase and promote  your products.

NOTE: Our services are only offered to U.S. companies for sales within the USA.