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Leave the Marketing to Us.


Youare a great innovator with years of experience as a machinist and engineer, but you lack experience selling and marketing firearms and related accessories on a grand scale in your industry. You do not have experience in, nor time to perform market analysis, strategic planning, advertising development, or branding.  What you have is a good handle on how to "tweet" and your teenage son is a wonder at PhotoShop. Unfortunately, your social media skills and cool graphics will not be enough in a very competitive market place. Since you don't have the budget for a marketing staff, DeNiro Marketing Group can fill the role of your marketing and business development division for a fraction of the hassle and expense of a full-time employee. 

Business development & marketing consulting services

Fancy Graphics & Social Media "Likes" Are Not a Marketing Plan...

Neither is waiting for the next gun-ban scare to drive your sales. Many outdoor "marketing" agencies are no more than firearms enthusiasts who are graphic designers, web masters, and/or social media promoters and who have no real experience and/or success in the firearms industry in regard to sales, business development, product development, branding and true marketing. Many are not firearms experts either. While they may be able to produce a nice graphic logo and website, this is just a small portion of what it takes to make your products sell and make your company successful.